Gran Fondo 2021 Bike Ride
Amateur Radio Volunteer Registration

Ride Date: April 18, 2021

The Gran Fondo bike ride begins at the Montgomery High School Athletic Stadium and winds through the Sam Houston National Forest to Richards, Anderson (and beyond), Dacus, and back to Montgomery High School. It includes routes of 38, 55, and over 75 miles.

The repeater we intend to use is located in Montgomery, Texas and has been tested to Anderson, Texas and beyond. A handheld radio will suffice for locations near Montgomery and on to Richards, but a mobile radio will be much better, and even necessary as you approach Anderson.

The race map is located here. At present there is no map showing amateur radio assignment locations. There are several (number TBD) water stations where we will need operators. We will also need operators at the Start/Finish line and at all major intersections along the course. Ideally we would like to have an operator every 5-7 miles. That means we need about 35 operators to assist in this event.

Assignments may include providing communications to rest stops, providing safety observations on the course, and providing radio support to SAG vehicles without communications.

For additional information and maps you can visit the ride website located at Gran Fondo Texas.

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